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Families quickly fill up Hope Place

Construction of homeless shelter in Daytona Beach recently completed

By Nikki Ross

DAYTONA BEACH — Chanrell Lassiter stood at the front of the room holding a microphone in her hand. Tears slowly fell down her cheeks as she thanked the room full of public officials and donors celebrating the completion of Hope Place.

“I'm now in my own home with my children,” said Lassiter, 31, a single mother of seven. “I appreciate everything this home has done for me and my family.”

Lassiter was one of three residents who told their story at the The Hope Place Building Committee's final meeting Tuesday, where they announced completion of the homeless shelter for families, built from what was once Hurst Elementary School.

“This is the official handing over of the key,” said Forough Hosseini, founder of Food Brings Hope and a driving force behind Hope Place. “As a community, Volusia County should be so proud of this.”

Hope Place is owned and operated by Halifax Urban Ministries (HUM). The shelter is an expansion and improvement of the nonprofit agency's former family shelter located off Ridgewood Avenue in Daytona Beach.

“I'm delighted to stand in front of you,” Hosseini said. “We started here in 2012 and now we are here so many years later thanks to so many people.”

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